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Six Months Offer Terms & Conditions
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Paycor, Inc.


1-Month Free HCM Cor

Paycor, Inc. (“Paycor”) will provide you with promotional credits (the ‘Credits’) equal to any monthly fees incurred in using Paycor HCM Cor services for the first month commencing the month of your first payroll run date. You may not terminate, cancel or unsubscribe from any services in this Order prior to thirteen (13) months from the date of last signature on the Order. If this condition is not met, then all Credits issued under the promotion will be reversed, and you agree that Paycor may charge you the value of such Credits times the termination percentage in the Total Months Processing table below (‘Promotion Recovery Termination Fee’) and collect such amounts as otherwise permitted according to the terms of the Order and the Provider Terms. Total Months Processing Termination % <13 100% 14+ 0%

Total Months Processing Termination %
<13 100%
14+ 0%

Effective starting: 10/23/2023

Offer only valid if promotion appears on your order for service. Please contact your account representative if does not. Promotion not valid with any other promotional offers and only valid for new customers.