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HR and payroll software to help you make a difference for your clients.

A Trusted Partner that Delivers for Your Clients

Paycor’s consultative approach aligns with your business development strategy. Paycor seeks to understand your client’s unique business situation and specific challenges to customize a plan that brings you value and fits their needs. With Paycor, you can offer clients an HR and Payroll platform that integrates seamlessly with your benefits admin system or record keeper of choice. We’re dedicated to providing you and your clients the resources and guidance necessary to run a compliant, organized and efficient business.

Seamless 401(k) Integration

Paycor’s 360-degree 401(k) service simplifies retirement plan administration and automatically sends employees’ retirement information from payroll to the provider, reducing the potential for errors and minimizing administrative effort.

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Complete Payroll Quickly

You have many clients and need to work quickly and efficiently. Our core HR solution allows you to get in and out of payroll fast. Everything you and your clients need to run payroll can be found on a single page. Make edits to employee data, calculate pay totals and save the information as they go. Our user-friendly system allows your clients to add as many columns as necessary and progress bars clearly lead them to their goal.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Clients

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t sell off-the-shelf technology. Instead, we customize our human capital management solutions to your client’s business. For example, they don’t just need payroll, they need payroll that can handle the complexities of their local tax environment and multiple fed IDs. They need a time solution that will fit the needs of their employees and benefits that help attract and retain talent. Your clients need technology tailored to their people and their business.

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Paycor creates HR software for leaders who want to make a difference.

Financial and Bank Partners
Financial and Bank Partners
Financial and Bank Partners

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Financial and Bank Partners
Financial and Bank Partners
Financial and Bank Partners

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Financial and Bank Partners

The Hidden Costs of In-House HR & Payroll

For years, many small businesses relied on in-house resources to process payroll and keep up with tax filings. But with the growth of HCM technology and available solutions, resistance to outsourcing HR and payroll has dramatically declined.

Employer Payroll Taxes 101

Everyone in the U.S. who receives a paycheck is required by federal law to contribute to payroll taxes. Give your clients an overview of what employer payroll taxes include and how to calculate them.

Financial and Bank Partners

How (and Why) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

The consequences of NOT switching and staying with a subpar HR & payroll provider touch every aspect of your organization. It’s important to not fall for a flashy demo and really dig into how a specific solution can make your day-to-day easier. Here’s how to get started.