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Partner with Paycor to Drive Business Results

Paycor helps you stand out from the crowd.

There are plenty of HR tech companies to choose from, but to succeed in today’s complex environment, your clients need more than just technology. They need a partner with deep industry expertise that takes the time to understand their specific challenges. Paycor stands out from the crowd because for 30 years we’ve been listening to and partnering with the leaders of medium & small businesses. While other HCM providers design for employees, we build software for business leaders. Together, we can offer unique value to your clients.

Healthcare Broker Partners

Partner Loyalty Program

Standing out from your competition is your biggest challenge—we can help you do that. Paycor’s Partner Loyalty program delivers unparalleled resources and support. As a partner, you’ll get access to Marketing Development Funds and co-branded resources that empower you to be an expert business consultant for your clients.

Learn more about Paycor’s Partner Loyalty Program.

Integrations to Streamline Business Operations

Paycor’s extensive network of powerful integration partners meet your clients’ unique needs and offer seamless transfer of HR and payroll data. By offering key integrations with all the major benefits administration platforms, we can align with the technology strategy that supports your business best. Both you and your clients will receive best-in-class customer service and the partner experience you deserve.

See our full list of benefits integration partners.

Dedicated Service

We understand that client satisfaction and retention are the keys to your success. We can help you meet and exceed those expectations. From year-end support, reporting tools and even a personal concierge service, Paycor offers you and your clients modern HR and payroll technology coupled with thought leadership and expertise. And with a single point of contact and a response by the end of the day, our team is committed to getting you what you need.

Premier Partner Conference

As a valued partner, you’re invited to join Paycor leaders and fellow benefits brokers, financial advisors, HR leaders and HCM industry experts at Paycor’s Tech+ conference. At TECH+ you can expect a review of the latest trends impacting the HR and Benefits landscape, and detailed strategies designed to improve business development and client retention initiatives. It’s your opportunity to learn how to set yourself apart from the competition and offer your clients strategic guidance for success.

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Paycor creates HR software for leaders who want to make a difference.

Healthcare Broker Partners
Healthcare Broker Partners
Healthcare Broker Partners

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Healthcare Broker Partners

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Healthcare Broker Partners

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Healthcare Broker Partners

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Healthcare Broker Partners

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