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Get the Answers You Need, When You Need Them

From year-end support, robust reporting and analytics tools and even a personal concierge service, Paycor offers CPAs the perfect combination of HR and payroll technology, thought leadership and expertise.

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Year-End Accounting Support

Year-end can be stressful, but with Paycor, you and your clients will never have to dread it again. We help ensure a seamless process by:

  • Providing instant access to your clients’ HR and payroll data
  • Holding your clients’ books open
  • Offering dedicated support to answer your questions

Download our guide to a successful year-end.

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Complete Payroll Quickly

You have many clients and need to work quickly and efficiently. Our system allows you to get in and out of payroll fast. Everything you and your clients need to run payroll can be found on a single page. Make edits to employee data, calculate pay totals and save the information as you go. Our user-friendly system allows you to add as many columns as necessary and progress bars clearly lead you to your goal.

Learn more about our payroll solution.

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Tax and Compliance Expertise

Taxes are a source of stress and uncertainty for everyone. Paycor helps to relieve that stress and keeps your clients compliant. Our Automatic Payroll Tax Filing helps reduce the burden of filing federal, state, local, county, and school district payroll taxes. And Paycor’s standard reporting streamlines the process by giving you direct access to your clients’ data.

Get our guide to help you maintain payroll compliance.

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CPA Care

Whether you have payroll questions, need access to custom reports or are looking for the latest info on legislative updates and tax laws, Paycor’s CPA Care has you covered.

  • Receive personalized service from a partner you trust to take care of your client
  • CPA Care has a single point of contact
  • Receive resolution by the end of business day
  • No charge for using CPA care or requesting reports

See how else you can serve your clients better with CPA Care.

Paycor creates HR software for leaders who want to make a difference.

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CPA Partners

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CPA Partners

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