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Everyone has a distinct point of view, a unique perspective, from where they sit. How can you use yours to elevate others and create new opportunities at your firm?

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A Forum for Championing Equality

Perspectives+ is a diversity, equity and inclusion initiative powered by Paycor and you. It’s a place where you can find collaboration tools and resources such as articles, templates, presentations and more that help promote DE&I best practices, with a special focus on promoting women, communities of color, and people from historically marginalized groups.

New DE&I Resources

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Amy Hull Head Shot

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Amy E. Hull | National Manager,
Head of DE&I at Paycor

A former educational administrator and now a national corporate leader in DE&I, Amy brings authenticity to the forefront of the leadership, action, and the learning in order to turn DE&I strategy into actionable results. Her work is helping the company learn how to internalize the work of DE&I to achieve sustainable systemic change for the inclusion and belonging of all employees.  Amy has Diversity and Inclusion Certification (University of South Florida), a B.S. in biology (Ohio U.), an M.Ed. in education (Xavier U.), and an M.Ed. in administration (University of Cincinnati).

Perspectives+ Resource Library

A diversity of perspectives makes organizations smarter, stronger…more able to adapt and grow. We encourage you to share these resources with your prospects and clients and invite them to join you on this journey toward growth and success.

How successful is your firm’s Employee Resource Group?

How successful is your firm’s Employee Resource Group?

Companies with more than 30% women on their executive teams are significantly more likely to outperform their competitors.

Source: McKinsey

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Now that you are aware of challenges related to diversity, equity and inclusion in your environment, what will you do? Join us to learn how to move past awareness and into action in your workplace. In this webinar, you will gain insight from corporate leaders who are working daily to improve DE&I.

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