Paycor Introduces CPA Signature Care, Helping CPAs Bring Greater Value to Clients
Paycor Introduces CPA Signature Care, Helping CPAs Bring Greater Value to Clients

Paycor Introduces CPA Signature Care, Helping CPAs Bring Greater Value to Clients

Advanced Offering Provides Insights and Analytics to Help CPAs Improve Client Service, Grow Their Practice and Train Internal Staff

Press release
September 17, 2015
Cincinnati, OH

Paycor, providing companies with intuitive, cloud-based onboarding, HR, payroll and timekeeping software, today announced the launch of its latest service, CPA Signature Care. This new offering improves upon the company's existing CPA Care solution, introducing numerous features to enhance the relationship between CPAs and their clients and deliver the insights and analytics they need to continually improve and grow their operations.

Today's CPA firms and accounting organizations are under more pressure than ever before, whether helping their clients contend with the impact of the Affordable Care Act or training their staff on the newest regulations. As such, the goals of retaining current clients and attracting new ones continue to challenge even the most successful firms. Paycor has long understood the difficulties facing CPAs; through its complimentary CPA Care concierge service, the company provides the support CPAs need to resolve their biggest challenges and find the answers to their clients' HR and payroll related questions. At the same time, CPAs get access to checklists, templates, alerts and FAQs, with 24/7 access to the materials they need to ensure their clients' success.

With the release of CPA Signature Care, Paycor expands on CPA Care to deliver a more comprehensive level of service, covering the entire CPA-client relationship and helping CPA firms enhance their position as their clients' most trusted advisor. New features introduced with CPA Signature Care enable CPA firms to:

* Gain improved visibility: CPA Signature Care provides CPAs with valuable insights into their clients' payroll and HR data, delivered through Paycor's advanced Reporting and Analytics dashboard.

* Attract new customers: CPA firms leveraging Paycor's CPA Signature Care can extend the benefits of the service to their clients through exclusive client pricing packages, helping firms stand out among the competition.

* Keep current staff engaged and up to date: With a first-of-its-kind professional development program, CPA Signature Care enables easy access to third-party training, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses and trade shows. As a result, these firms can ensure their staffs benefit from the latest industry insights and best practices to ensure the utmost level of customer service.

* Benefit from additional services: With reporting and analytics, complimentary co-branded collateral, discounted payroll for CPA firm employees and dedicated HR support for CPAs, the new CPA Signature Care enables today's CPA firms to provide an unprecedented level of support to their client organizations.

"CPA firms and accounting organizations often find themselves in a challenging environment as they strive to meet client and government compliance needs alike," said Heather Kramer, Marketing Program Manager at Paycor. "We developed our new CPA Signature Care program to equip them with the tools, support and expertise they need to deliver on the tactical requirements of their clients as well as improve the performance of their own workforce. As a result, CPA firms can respond with confidence to their clients' biggest questions and concerns and truly serve as their most trusted advisor."

Paycor's CPA Signature Care is free to CPA firms and accounting organizations. Additional information about this service can be accessed at:

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