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Recruiting Top Talent

People make all the difference in the Professional Services industry. Attracting the right candidates can be all that stands between growth and failure. Paycor can give you a competitive edge with our Applicant Tracking software. Build a recruiting pipeline, quickly and easily sift through potential new hires, and manage the interview process using an intuitive step-by-step process that keeps everyone in the loop.

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Track and Analyze Labor Costs

You can’t afford to be reactive. It is crucial that you have the data you need to make workforce decisions in real time. Paycor’s HR reporting and analytics solution enables you to quickly summarize data, report across calendar years and use your own formulas, so you can gain insights into your business (e.g., which departments are being allocated the most labor or determine what capital is being spent on a per-location basis).

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ACA compliance

We don’t expect you to be an expert in the Affordable Care Act. Paycor has an entire team dedicated to understanding its ramifications and providing guidance on how to meet all requirements. It is what has made us an industry leader in ACA compliance with a proven track record of success. Our ACA reporting tool will help you generate the correct reports and provide the filing services to ensure you avoid violations and fines.

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Paycor Knows the Professional Services Industry

We’ve earned the trust of both users and third party evaluators.

We’re proud to consistently earn positive reviews and high rankings from the people who use our software and professional reviewers.

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