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Streamline and optimize your recruiting process so that candidates have a great experience and you can quickly and effectively fill open positions.

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What makes our Applicant Tracking System different? It was built by recruiters for recruiters and HR hiring teams.

Why are so many applicant tracking systems (ATS) more of a problem than a solution? Because the vast majority of them were built by people who have no idea how to actually recruit. We call our ATS Paycor Recruiting, because it was designed by recruiting professionals for HR hiring teams, so it actually thinks and behaves like a recruiter. Paycor Recruiting is the simple, smart, safe recruiting platform designed by recruiting professionals to help you hire.

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Expect More from Your Applicant Tracking Software

Streamline and optimize every aspect of your recruiting process with a best-in-class, highly rated Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Paycor Recruiting is designed to help you attract and engage quality candidates and build trust with them over the entire process. Paycor Recruiting helps drive the decisions that drive hiring, so you never miss out on a dream candidate. Use our ROI calculator to uncover the amount of time and dollars our ATS can save you.

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Recruiting and Hiring Tools

Create Branded Career Pages
Easily create a fully-branded careers site that matches your website, without IT help. Branded career sites convey a unified, trustworthy impression to candidates who might not know much about your company. First impressions matter!

Find Great Candidates
Automatically post to free job boards with one click to increase your pipeline and expand your reach.

Customize Online Job Applications
Collect the right information from candidates and stay compliant. Enable candidates to go through the process in English or Spanish and to easily submit their documents from any device.

Search and Parse Resumes
Search resumes, regardless of format, to find exactly what you’re looking for. Add, organize and discover talented candidates with no manual effort.

Interview Scorecards
Save post-interview feedback automatically through easy-to-use scoring.

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Robust Recruiting Functionality

Candidate Texting
Strengthen your talent pipeline—instantly communicate with prospects, reconnect with candidates, send follow-up info and timely reminders.

Employee Referral
Reward your employees for referrals with a fast, mobile, easy-to-use tool for sharing job openings on their numerous personal networks.

Agency Manager
Manage your applicants submitted by recruiting firms and staffing agencies, easily make representation decisions, and report on performance.

Automate Offer Letters & Manage Responses
Make it easy for candidates to respond and improve your offer acceptance rates.

Insightful Analytics
Gain valuable insights into your hiring process and track important metrics, such as time-to-hire and lead sources.

Compliance Reporting
Keep your company EEO/OFCCP compliant. Automatically store reasons for non-selection, flow logs, hire/offer logs, and more.

Smart Candidate Profile
Candidate information is seamlessly integrated through the rest of Paycor's platform so there’s no re-keying.

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