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The Benefits of Retail Scheduling Software
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The Benefits of Retail Scheduling Software

Improve retail workforce efficiency and cut administrative costs with Paycor Scheduling

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches—never again do you need to schedule retail staff by spreadsheet, or (even worse) by pen and paper. Paycor’s retail employee scheduling software saves managers time and money while empowering staff. Raise productivity by creating more efficient schedules in less time, and avoiding short staffing or shift conflicts by allowing staff to sort out their own scheduling dilemmas through the Paycor Scheduling app.

Why choose Paycor Scheduling for your retail store?

Scheduling in the retail sector is notoriously difficult. Retail employee scheduling has to take into account ever-changing seasonal, part-time, and student staff, many working two jobs, with irregular shifts and frequent last-minute changes. Paycor’s scheduling software helps managers create balanced schedules to accommodate employees while maximizing business revenue.

How can Paycor help your retail store be more efficient?

  • Provides clear overview of employee availability
  • Eliminates shift conflicts
  • Saves time responding to unpredictable employee requests
  • Minimizes phone calls since everything can be done online
  • Provides easy access to schedules for all staff through phone or desktop

Features you’ll love

Scheduling: The ultimate scheduling software for retail

Add or remove staff, without creating a whole new schedule — essential for seasonal or temporary employees. Manage all retail stores at once, even if they’re located in multiple countries. Easily import your current schedule, whether you use spreadsheets or even pen and paper.

Easy Shift Swapping: Facilitate schedule changes in retail

Our retail scheduling software allows employees to request time off, pick up open shifts or trade shifts with other employees, even on smartphone. Managers can choose to approve or decline these requests.

Scheduling App On-The-Go: Mobile functionality for the retail sector

Our mobile retail scheduling apps help you manage your staff wherever you are. View and edit schedules, view coverage, or respond to requests, all from the palm of your hand.

Benefits of using Paycor Scheduling

Our retail scheduling app helps companies of all sizes be more productive.

  • Manage your staff from anywhere
  • Avoid last-minute scrambles for cover
  • Collect reliable timesheet data
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Concentrate on the important stuff

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