Case Study: CertaSite

Case Study: CertaSite

Wholesale Trade and Retail Industry
Number of Employees
HCM Solutions

As CertaSite grows, the need for a payroll and HR solution that intuitively merged acquired systems was paramount. In addition, employees and managers alike needed a user-friendly way to accurately track job costing for each assignment and ability to clock in and out remotely.

“With Paycor, there’s so many features—there’s a solution for a solution There’s just not one way to do something. Other companies might have the solutions we need, but it’s not integrated like Paycor. It’s amazing how it works.” - Karyn Reiheld, controller, CertaSite

Prior to Paycor

Passionate about fire protection and life safety, CertaSite helps keep people and the places they work up & running, profitable and compliant. But with no real labor costing tools at their disposal, tracking each job was a tedious manual process at best. As the company continues to grow, acquiring businesses throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois, they needed an automated and simpler way to track jobs by hours, projects and tasks.


  • Lack of job costing capabilities
  • Manual applicant tracking and onboarding
  • No mobile clock in/out options

After Paycor

Paycor’s payroll and time solutions provide a seamless experience and don’t require manual entry of individual hours worked per job. Managers and employees alike appreciate the mobile timekeeping app features, such as recording missed punches, requesting PTO and leaving notes.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automated applicant tracking
  • Customizable learning tracks and certification
  • Mobile timekeeping and enhanced visibility into PTO requests
  • Labor costing
  • Increased efficiency in new hire onboarding

Time & Attendance

Requests are tracked electronically with immediate approval from managers and employees can easily access their own information while tracking their PTO allotment in real time. Mobile punching allows admins to verify punch location and record missed punches.

Job Costing

Managers can set up multiple labor code categories (using company naming conventions) to accurately track specific projects and tasks. Can export and exchange functionality to third-party systems and integrates with the general ledger.


The streamlined experience introduces company policies, the employee handbook and any relevant industry regulations. New hires (and newly acquired hires) can view and sign documentation before their first day, lessening any potential compliance issues that may arise.

Learning Management System

Paycor’s LMS helped increase productivity across the workforce by offering a consistent training experience for employees, including a certification program for technicians.

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