Take the Bite Out of Archaic HR Processes

Think back to your previous work day.

What were you able to accomplish? Did it match what you set out to achieve when you started your day? Where did you actually spend your time?

While you and your staff may encounter a variety of challenges throughout the day, one thing is clear: time-consuming HR practices often prevent organizations from focusing on what’s most important. This is especially true of employees who specialize in animal care. Employees are passionate about providing exceptional care to patients but daily HR and employee management challenges often get in the way.

One way to make HR more manageable is to replace outdated practices that take time and focus away from serving your patients and accomplishing your mission.

Challenge – Your HR department stores important employee information in files that collect dust somewhere in the office. Employee information is difficult to find and you spend precious time searching through files to find the information you need.
Solution – Save time and some trees by automating employee data that is easily accessible.

You likely have a very small but dedicated HR staff that wears multiple hats and juggles a daunting list of tasks that continues to grow. The more time they spend on repetitive administrative tasks, the less they can focus on recruiting and hiring superior staff. Help them dig out from stacks of employee timecards, open enrollment forms and employee files by automating HR processes with new technology. Here are tools you should consider to make your organization more efficient.

Time Tracking - Know the exact time your employees work by tracking hours electronically with a Time and Attendance solution. Administrators can gain the peace of mind that employees are being paid accurately and time information transfers directly to payroll to prevent hours from being entered multiple times. Plus, HR administrators will love being able to view employees’ time at their convenience and monitor hours to help plan and control costs.

HR Management tool – Track employee discipline records, store performance reviews and manage certifications with a complete HR solution that greatly reduces administrative tasks. Not only can an electronic HR tool reduce paper, but it will vastly improve organization throughout your office. Say goodbye to digging through endless stacks of personnel files and hello to instant access to the information you need. With the right tool, effective employee management is only one click away.

Onboarding solution - An effective onboarding program not only prepares an employee for his or her new role but also increases retention rates, productivity and performance. An onboarding tool can expose a new employee to your culture and provide them with a great impression of your organization. Consider the amount of time employees spend on their first day completing paperwork and then the time it takes you to re-enter information into payroll. An onboarding tool not only eliminates repeated manual entry but allows new employees to make an immediate impact the minute they walk into the door.

HR management solutions can have a tremendous impact behind the scenes and create a more productive and efficient environment for your staff. Contact us and we’ll be happy to learn more about your current processes and walk you through a demonstration to show how Paycor’s solutions can make you more efficient.

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