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Spring Summit – The Price is Right for Everyone: Ensuring Fair Hourly Worker Pay Under FLSA
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Join Julie Pugh, Assistant General Counsel for Labor and Employment at TopBuild, as we walk through Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements for hourly employees.

We will focus on the legal requirements for paying hourly (non-exempt) workers:

  • Hourly pay and overtime requirements
  • Minimum wage requirements, including state-specific examples
    Travel, holiday, blended rate, and sick pay issues
  • Recordkeeping requirements, along with tips and tricks
  • Exemptions from overtime and minimum wage requirements
  • Jobs most often misclassified as exempt
  • Potential consequences of misclassification


Julie Pugh

Julie Pugh started her career in Human Resources after graduating from Xavier University. Realizing she had a passion for the law, Julie attended the University of Cincinnati College of Law and started practicing with a focus on labor and employment. After obtaining her law license, Julie spent over 13 years in private practice with focus on labor and employment – litigating, advising, counseling, training, and partnering with a variety of wonderful clients in the Midwest. In 2020, Julie seized an opportunity to go in house counsel for a public construction company.

Julie now serves as the Assistant General Counsel for Labor and Employment at TopBuild, a Fortune 1000 company that installs insulation across the country. Julie and her husband Jeff, along with their two sons Austin and Caleb, enjoy the Florida sunshine, warm weather, beach access, and outdoor living with their two French bulldogs, Kona and Shaka. If you ever want to see Julie smile and go off on a tangent, ask about her family.

Julie’s comments are always her own and should not be viewed as made by or attributed to her employer.