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Paycor Smart Sourcing ROI Calculator
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Is AI recruiting technology worth the Investment?

Make an informed decision with our ROI calculator.

It’s time to optimize your talent sourcing budget. With Paycor Smart Sourcing, you’ll spend up to 75% less on talent sourcing for more qualified candidates in 50% less time.

Don’t just take our word for it – calculate your potential savings with our ROI Calculator. Simply input your current recruiting costs and compare them with the costs of Paycor Smart Sourcing.

Our calculator factors in time spent on manual tasks, job board fees and agency costs to give you an accurate estimate of your potential ROI.

Reach the Biggest Pool of Qualified Candidates with Less Manual Effort

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Reach Active and Passive Candidates

Paycor Smart Sourcing automatically posts your jobs on thousands of job sites to reach active candidates and taps into the world’s largest database of passive candidates (1.5 billion profiles).

Attract Qualified & Diverse Talent

An added benefit of Paycor Smart Sourcing is that it uses AI to identify passive candidates and diverse candidates that may be ideal for a role but overlooked by traditional systems.

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Activate Your AI Recruiting Assistant

Save time by using Paycor Smart Sourcing to eliminate tedious keyword search. The system curates a prioritized list of candidates for every role and contacts the best candidates, so you can focus on interviews.

Revolutionize Recruiting with Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Leverage the power of AI to attract qualified and diverse talent other solutions misss