Reporting & Analytics

Create any report in five minutes or less.

Reporting & Analytics
Paycor's payroll reporting and analytics

Get true insights and analytics into your people processes

Business strategy thrives on data. Paycor's reporting and analytics makes it easy to capture and report on any employee information, including: total labor costs, 401(k) enrollment, employee birthdays and more.

Reporting and Analytics Overview

Workforce Reporting & Analytics

Flexibility to report on anything in just minutes

Create meaningful custom reports in minutes and give yourself more time to analyze them for value-added business insights. Save the ones that matter, and even schedule them to run automatically. Spend less time searching data and more time solving business problems with Workforce Insights.

Workforce Insights Overview Data Sheet

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Reporting & Analytics


Reporting & Analytics


Reporting & Analytics


Reporting & Analytics

"Having the ability to go into Reporting & Analytics, click the specific information I'm looking for, and immediately being able to print out a report and organize the data in a way that will be useful is phenomenal."

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