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TD Referral

Have a client that could benefit from Paycor’s payroll and HR services?

Make your Paycor payroll and HR referrals safely and securely using this dedicated secure online page.

How do I make a referral?
You can submit your Paycor referral on the fields to the right, you should NOT need to provide any personally identifying information (account # or SSN#).

When will my Customer receive follow-up?
Your Customer could receive follow-up in as little 30 minutes to the next business day!

When will I get Sales Revenue incentive for sold Paycor payroll and HR referrals?
If your referral turns into a sold deal, once the Business Customer starts processing payroll through Paycor, Sales Revenue incentive will be awarded and you will be awarded incentive within 30 days.

Contact us with any questions at 855-565-3301 or email [email protected].

Important: The payroll services referenced herein are provided exclusively by Paycor, Inc. and are subject to customer’s written agreement with Paycor. Certain restrictions and fees apply. TD Bank may be entitled to receive fees from Paycor for customer’s use of payroll services. The Paycor® logo is a registered trademark of Paycor, Inc. Use of payroll services from any provider, including Paycor, is solely at the customer’s election.