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Spring 2023 HR & Compliance Virtual Summit
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Spring 2023 HR & Compliance Virtual Summit

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Refresh your HR knowledge on everything from compliance to employee engagement to recruiting & retention.

In these on-demand virtual summit sessions, you’ll hear from exciting influencers, get critical compliance updates, and hear expert-level insights from HR leaders.

Tax Compliance

HRCI & SHRM Credits

One Team One Vision


Time Dashboard

Timely Advice



“I really like joining Paycor’s webinars. They’re always filled with information, and I really like the layout for them as well. As someone who has a hard time paying attention sometimes, I don’t find that happening when I join one of these webinars.”

Heather K.

“LOVE this speaker!! So easy to listen to and kept my attention. Really opens your eyes about audits.”

Katie D.

“Amazing speaker with very valuable information. Thank you, Paycor!”

Kim O.

“A fantastic way of explaining the topic. Thank you for bringing this speaker and this subject to us. Excellent way of expressing ideas and the level of energy was very motivating. Thank you again.”

Annabella G.


“The webinar was more than I expected. I hope that you share it on your website for later view..”

Erna F.

“Just keep on overdelivering on the content. This was an incredibly informative session!.”

Darren C.

“Katherine is great presenter—she always does a great job. She makes even the most boring topics interesting and memorable.”

Kim O.

For a complete list of webinars, check out our upcoming calendar.

Hear from HR experts on the latest topics and trends impacting your business.