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Why Paycor
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Why Choose Paycor

HR Software Built for Leaders

Paycor empowers leaders to modernize every aspect of people management so they can focus on what really matters: building winning teams.

2 Million Users

Our HR solutions support more than 2 million people across 50 states.

30+ Years of Experience

Paycor has more than 30 years in the HCM industry.

30k+ Businesses

Paycor serves more than 30,000 businesses nationwide.

50% Referrals

Half of our customers are referrals.

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Reliably Automate Back-Office Work

Paycor found that nearly 70% of HR teams waste time on tedious, manual workflows. With a single source of truth for all employee data, you can experience an entirely new level of productivity.

Paycor HR

Trust Paycor for accurate and compliant payroll, automated employee self-serve, and significant timesavings on manual tasks.

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Empower People & Performance

Paycor’s HR platform gives frontline managers the HR solutions, tools & training they need to become dynamic leaders.

Set Your Leaders Up for Success

Paycor’s easy-to-use HR platform helps leaders coach, optimize, and retain employees with performance reviews, goal tracking, career management, and more.

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Flexible Technology

Paycor’s flexible technology is designed for your company’s unique and evolving business needs with an ecosystem of nearly 300 partners.

Seamless Integrations

Paycor’s flexible architecture enables rapid innovation and seamless integration with your preferred technology.

Market-differentiating Implementation Experience

Paycor earned G2’s “fastest implementation” award, and we had the shortest go-live time in the category. Paycor’s high-touch implementation experience enhances the customer experience and reduces post implementation issues.

Extended Implementation

Each customer partners with subject matter experts that manage your migration and prioritize training to create confident users that fully leverage Paycor’s platform.

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Four of the Most Trusted Names in HCM Software Rave About Paycor

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“With our previous HR & payroll provider, getting answers—or simply a response—to our questions was a painstaking process. But at Paycor, we have an amazing customer support team that can guide us through HR processes and keep us compliant.”

Zeke Dolezalek, People & Culture Manager, What If Syndicate


Employees can review and acknowledge policies before their first day.


Employees can complete courses via a computer or Paycor’s Mobile app

“Unlike our previous HR & payroll provider, Paycor’s solutions have helped us automate routine tasks and get out of the weeds of routine HR tasks.”

Randy Hemmerle, Direct of HR, Krauss Maffei

“We relied on Paycor to help provide the latest guidance and insights to support us during COVID-19. Our CFO was very pleased with the quick response to provide PPP reporting.”

Ashley Brooker, VP of HR, Pure Dental Brands

Discover the Paycor Difference

Our HCM software gets you out of the weeds and our focus on talent development helps you build a great place to work.

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Only Paycor Builds HCM Tech for Leaders

From recruiting to talent development, Paycor helps leaders create great places to work.