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Online Payroll

Paycor + BOK Financial, working together to simplify HR and payroll for organizations of all sizes. Scroll down, below, to view all of our recommended resources.

HR, Payroll, Timekeeping and Onboarding Services on One Intuitive Platform

BOK Financial and Paycor now offer a simplified, full-service solution called Online Payroll. It allows your clients to process HR and payroll quickly and easily, whenever and wherever they choose.

Questions to Uncover Opportunities for Paycor:

  1. How do you manage Human Resources and payroll?
  2. Tax laws and HR compliance is increasingly challenging. How do you stay up to date on these issues?
  3. Did you know that you will receive preferred pricing for Online Payroll if you are a BOK Financial Client?
  4. What’s a good time for my Paycor partner to call you?

Who Is a Good Prospect for Online Payroll?

  1. Any business with 1-1,000+ employees
  2. Clients and prospects worried about HR and tax compliance
  3. Clients and prospects already outsourcing payroll and HR (e.g. ADP or Paychex)
  4. Clients and prospects using an internal HR and payroll system or software (e.g. QuickBooks or Intuit)
  5. Clients or prospects who wish to understand how recent HR legislation may impact their business
  6. Clients or prospects that want to evaluate payroll tax incentives

Helpful Resources for Large Businesses

One of the ways Paycor supports you is by offering valuable resources like articles and webinars on the latest compliance regulations and HR topics. View the resources below and share with your prospects and clients.




Contact Your Paycor Representative Anytime!

Each banker has a dedicated Paycor representative that works directly with you and your clients to ensure they are taken care of every step of the way.

Plus, BOK Financial clients receive preferential pricing on payroll!

Contact us today at 1-855-565-3302 or email [email protected].