Interviewing & Virtual First

Health and Safety

At Paycor, the health and safety of our associates is a top priority which is why our interview process is completely virtual for all job positions at this time. However, as recommendations and best practices regarding employee health and safety continue to evolve, in-person interviews may resume for specific job types. Following our guiding principles, we’ll always Do the Right Thing and Take Care of Each Other.

Paycor’s Virtual-First Work Environment

As we move forward with a virtual-first work environment, we’re excited to explore and embrace new opportunities with our associates and technology such as:

  • Sourcing and accommodating the best people in the industry because we can support them in more than one location.
  • Collaboration and communication with tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Paycor’s internal company hub, the COR.
  • Comprehensive training and upskilling using Paycor’s Learning Management System.
  • Connection and engagement with associates through Paycor’s Employee Resource Groups.
  • Career development programs using e-learning.

Paycor's Hiring Procedure

Here's how you get ready for your interview with Paycor.

Paycor's hiring procedure

Best Practices for Virtual Interviews

While virtual and in-office interviews share some similarities, such as the importance of dressing professionally and doing your research, there are some key differences. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready for a virtual interview:

  • Familiarize yourself with Zoom. Do a trial run using the Zoom link included in your interview invitation.
  • You can interview using the Zoom mobile app on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Set up a distraction free zone. Consider your background and any ambient noise that might interfere (don’t be afraid to use headphones if that improves the quality of conversation).
  • Be present and treat the conversation as if you were in the same room as the interviewer.
  • Be on time, but not early. While protocol might call for you to be 10 minutes early for an in-person interview, that doesn’t apply to virtual encounters. With video interviews, please arrive a few minutes early.
  • Double check the time zone. Paycor HQ is in the Eastern Time Zone since we have offices and people conducting interviews all over the country.
  • Close any programs and turn off notifications so they don’t interfere. Position the video window box as close to the top of your screen as possible, near the camera. This helps maintain eye contact throughout the interview.