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Defining Paycor’s Culture
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Defining Paycor’s Culture

There’s no denying that what makes Paycor’s culture so incredible is that each and every associate wants to make a difference. At Paycor, we believe in making a difference together and that sentiment is ingrained in our DNA. Our beliefs influence everything we do. How we work with each other, our partners and our customers. That is why we wanted to clearly define our guiding principles to ensure they reflect our culture. These guiding principles act as a North Star for our associates to make a difference in their role, with a coworker, for a client and in the community.

Paycor is a place for people who are builders and problem solvers. People who like winning together and love helping others. The secret of our success is no secret: We’re honest advisers and trusted partners.

We believe that success is an attitude, a decision, a habit. And those winning habits are embodied in our six guiding principles:

  1. Take Care of Customers First
    Our Customers are our heroes. When they win, we win.
  2. Take Care of Each Other
    There’s nothing better than working with friends who look out for you.
  3. Do the Right Thing
    Because it always works out in the long run.
  4. Think Big, Dream Big
    Never say never! Solve problems, invent a better way, disrupt the status quo.
  5. Compete to Win
    We embody the spirit of success in everything we do, in our habits and routines, our relationships, and in the energy and accountability we bring to the game.
  6. Have Fun Along the Way
    Buckle up, it’s a fast-paced business! That’s why we celebrate the wins, laugh in the face of adversity and enjoy the ride.

Our guiding principles guide us, inspire us and remind us to make a difference.

To learn more about Paycor, visit: https://www.paycor.com/about