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Disrupt 2.0: Paycor’s Quest for Continued Innovation
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Disrupt 2.0: Paycor’s Quest for Continued Innovation

Paycor believes fostering creativity and innovation is one of the many keys to success. That’s why twice a year we host “Disrupt” – an epic two-day event that challenges some of the best and brightest minds at Paycor to work together and explore new ideas. Each team is made up of Product and IT associates who collaborate to push the boundaries of their craft. After weeks of hard work, they submit a working proof of concept that solves a software and/or work process challenge. Then they pitch their demo to a panel of judges that represent many departments across Paycor.

Nearly two dozen teams competed for an award, serious market consideration and major bragging rights. Judges measured:

  • Innovation
  • Quality of pitch
  • Impact to customer experience/ associate experience
  • Improving Paycor’s strength against the competition
  • Will it create new opportunities for Paycor?

Every location participated! From Frisco to Cincinnati our associates attended presentations to support their friends and co-workers, leading to our most successful Disrupt to date.

The Winners!

Product Innovation Award

Team Name: Disrupt Work Orders

Participants: Jeff Burkhart, Sandeep Kandregula, Eric Wilson, Robert Cox, Samuel Curry and Eric Thompson

Internal Innovation Award

Team Name: Mocha

Participants: Asheesh Singh, Jason Neyer, Jatin Kumar, Pratik Thantharate, Steve Ertel and Suman Shyamala

Congratulations to the winners of Disrupt 2.0!

Not every team made the final stage, but even the ones that didn’t still got the attention of Paycor execs. In fact, as we speak, the executive team is reviewing several projects for further consideration and possible implementation.

Thank you to all the participating teams and those who helped put on the event. See you August 29th for Paycor’s Disrupt 3.0!