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Making a Difference at PigAbilities
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Making a Difference at PigAbilities

Spring is here, and Cincinnatians are eagerly awaiting the Flying Pig Marathon. But did you know the 7th annual PigAbilities will take place the day before? If you haven’t heard, it’s more than just a race. PigAbilities is an inspiring one-mile walk for people of all ages with disabilities, their families and friends who want to be part of Flying Pig Marathon weekend.

It’s growing fast! In just 3 years the number of participants went from 80 to almost 400, and this year the goal is set for more than 1,000! And Paycor is dedicated to helping. From donations to working cheer stations and handing out water, Paycor associates are ensuring runners, walkers and rollers get the best experience possible.

“We’ll have cheer stations throughout the entire event where people will walk though bubble machines and they’ll high five some of our fans across the entire race and at the finish line there will be the biggest medals”
– Tim Ruge, Director of Product Marketing, Paycor

So far, 100+ Paycor associates are registered to volunteer and the number grows daily. Want to know how you can help? Visit the PigAbilities website!