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Paycor Enhances HCM Solution with New Immunization Tracker
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Paycor Enhances HCM Solution with New Immunization Tracker

Paycor’s mobile-friendly immunization tracker helps businesses record and report compliance with the new vaccine mandate.

Cincinnati, OH–September 21, 2021—Paycor HCM, Inc. (Paycor) (Nasdaq: PYCR) today announced an enhancement to their HCM solution—an Immunization Tracker that helps business leaders manage and track the immunization status of their employees. Workers can upload proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test directly to the system and HR leaders can run a report to see immunization status across the organization. This new feature will help ensure businesses are compliant with impending employment policies and positions Paycor as one of the first HCM providers to offer an immunization tracker that is fully integrated into their platform.

On September 9, the Federal government announced that companies with 100 employees or more must require vaccinations or test employees for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. This requirement could affect 80 million workers in private businesses. With this ruling, OSHA would also require businesses to provide paid time off for workers who get vaccinated and suffer from side effects. A date has not yet been established for workers to comply with the new requirement. In addition, President Biden also signed an executive order that requires vaccinations for federal executive branch workers and employees of contractors that conduct business with the federal government.

This vaccine mandate is the latest in a line of upcoming requirements to slow the spread of COVID-19. Various states and industries have already started rolling out their own requirements. Paycor can help business leaders seamlessly manage vaccine tracking and/or test results in our unified experience.

Additional features of Paycor’s HCM solution that ensure COVID-19 safety & compliance include:

  • Vaccine & Testing Tracking: Easily track testing and vaccination status for employees with the ability to upload documentation for both. Available in mobile and web applications.
  • Vaccine Reporting: Immunization data is not only available to track on the employee record but reportable to see status and test result information for the entire company.
  • COVID Support Center for Leaders: Expert HR advice and best practices on handling all aspects of the pandemic, from compliance, to safety, employee communications and business planning.
  • COVID Risk Analytics: Paycor Analytics Covid guidebook allows leaders to monitor risks and plan for in-person work.
  • Monitor Sentiment: Pulse Surveys allow HR leaders to create surveys and measure sentiment using AI tools like Natural Language Processing to gain insights into how their workforce is feeling.
  • Additional Safety Measures: Paycor Time offers a facial recognition time clock promoting a touchless employee experience when punching.

The Immunization Tracking feature is expected to be available to [all] Paycor customers in Paycor’s HCM solution on October 1, 2021.

To step up to date on the latest COVID-19 mandates and requirements visit Paycor’s COVID-19 Support Center for Business Leaders for free articles, resources and vaccination policy templates.

Supporting Quotes

“Our mission is to empower leaders to build winning teams and that means giving them the tools they need to remain compliant, stay in business and to achieve their goals,” said Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor. “Over the past year and half, business leaders have had to remain nimble. Our new Immunization Tracker is just the latest example of how Paycor helps leaders stay ahead of the curve.”

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