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Paycor Wins 5 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards
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Paycor Wins 5 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards

We’re thrilled to share Paycor’s success in the Fall 2023 Brandon Hall Group Technology Excellence Awards, winning 4 gold medals and 1 bronze medal! These prestigious awards honor HR technology trailblazers.

This year, Paycor was nominated in five categories, earning recognition in each one.

Gold Medalist: Best Advance in Compensation and Benefits and/or Payroll Admin. Our streamlined pay experience lets leaders autorun payroll and gives employees early paystub access.

Gold Medalist: Best Advance in Time & Labor Management.Our Time Off Advisor lightens the mental load of managing your team’s time off. Now, leaders can set clear rules and automatically approve or deny requests as they come in. This process controls labor spend and maximizes productivity.

Bronze Medalist: Best Advance in Sourcing Technology. Paycor Smart Sourcing broadens your talent pool without adding to your workload. Our AI-based tools source both active and passive job seekers. They also increase candidate diversity and reduce time-to-hire.

Gold Medalist: Best Advance in Online Coaching Tools. Our COR Leadership Framework empowers leaders to coach, optimize and retain winning teams. This feature gives managers valuable insight into what their companies need to succeed.

Gold Medalist: Best Advance in an Integrated Talent Platform. Paycor’s talent management tools help leaders build a culture of feedback and continuous development. Leaders use our talent tools to improve employee engagement and set and track goals for individuals and teams.

Brandon Hall Group judges base their decisions on each candidate’s innovation, design, creativity, and measurable benefit to end users. Paycor’s success reflects our unwavering commitment to helping our customers grow. By continuing to improve our tools, we empower business leaders to meet their companies’ ever-evolving needs.