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Paycor Wins a Brandon Hall Award
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Paycor Wins a Brandon Hall Award

At Paycor, we believe people are the most important asset for any organization. That’s why we take the time to help our associates learn and grow professionally. Paycor recently witnessed exponential growth in all locations, revenue and employee size—doubling our workforce to 1,600 associates in just four years. With an influx of employees came an increase in the number of internal promotions and external hires to fill management positions. Research has proven the important role a manager plays in an employee’s experience, success and tenure at an organization. As a result, we partnered with BlessingWhite, a leadership development and employee engagement company, to bring the Leading Technical People+ (LTP+) program to Paycor.

The program was so successful that the Brandon Hall Group recognized Paycor and BlessingWhite as 2018 winners of the Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development Award.

With LTP+, our new managers honed the necessary skills to succeed such as learning how to drive engagement, personal accountability, content customization, sustainability activities and the production of their teams.

We’re seeing managers across all locations:

  • Consistently meeting with their employees to have feedback sessions
  • Encouraging new ideas and approaches
  • Helping their team understand how their individual contributions impact Paycor’s success
  • Providing the right amount of time for their employees to engage in personal development and training
  • Communicating their vision for their teams
  • Showing genuine interest in the employees’ career growth

Going forward, Paycor will continue to support the growth of our managers. Whether it’s inside the office walls or out in the community, Paycor is committed to helping our associates make a difference.