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Take Care of Each Other
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Take Care of Each Other

It’s a reflective time for many of us. The pandemic has become the epicenter of our lives over the past 10 weeks. However, even in the middle of a pandemic, we can’t turn away from other significant issues we are facing as a nation and as individuals. The tragedy that occurred last week in Minneapolis is heartbreaking, shocking and intolerable. Frustration, disappointment and anger are emotions that we all are experiencing and we must strive to be better – starting right here with Paycor.

It’s an appropriate time to remind Associates that Paycor values diversity in all forms including race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality and religion. One of our founding Guiding Principles was Respect Diversity and that lives in the way we work together today. I’m a firm believer that diversity and inclusion make us stronger as a company and that we need to provide a safe and engaging work environment for all Paycor Associates. Let’s be curious about our differences and embrace the collective values of all of our teammates. We need to support each other and eliminate the injustice and bias that many of us face. At Paycor we Take Care of Each Other.

Lastly, one of the things we talk about often at Paycor is our desire to Make a Difference. I believe that when we come together and Do the Right Thing, we make a difference in the lives of our clients, each other and even the world. We have a long way to go on this journey for equality; however, each of us can make a difference and I ask that we all reflect inward and let our personal actions set the path forward.


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Raul Villar, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer, Paycor