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HR’s Playbook for Developing Effective Leaders
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Watch this webinar to learn why transforming your frontline managers into true leaders is a mission your company can’t afford to ignore. We will take you through the COR Leadership Framework, a guide to transforming your managers into leaders to engage your employees and reenergize your culture.


Katy Bunn

Katy Bunn is the SVP, Leaders and Industry Growth at Paycor, an HCM company with a mission of empowering leaders to build winning teams. At Paycor, Katy is responsible for the company-wide Leader strategy and the cross-functional Healthcare Program. Recently, Katy helped Paycor on their road to becoming a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq. Katy is passionate about uncovering what motivates and engages employees while helping companies unlock the power of their frontline leaders to inspire a company culture that drives employee retention and attracts talent.