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Avoid Costly Errors by Automating HR

For medium and small businesses, manually processing payroll and organizing and adjusting employee schedules on the fly can lead to costly scheduling errors, ultimately hurting your bottom line. That’s why growing businesses invest in employee management software.

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Payroll Perfection

Optimized Processes

Processing payroll has never been so easy. With built-in workflows and flexibility to add columns or calculate gross-to-net pay, you’ll eliminate hours of admin work and ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time.

General Ledger Integration

Stop spending time re-entering information in multiple places. Our General Ledger integration service allows you to seamlessly import a customized GL file into your accounting system.

Engaging Self-Service

Finding yourself answering the same questions about pay history or tax forms? Eliminate repetitive request by empowering employees to find answers their own with self-service.

Direct Deposit

Reduce the risk of errors by providing employees with the option for direct deposit.

Paycor Mobile

Eliminate tedious requests by providing employees easy access to their most important information, like pay stubs and benefits information.

Stress-Free Tax Compliance

Stop losing sleep over tax compliance. Our specialists work in the most challenging tax geographies in the country, so they can keep you compliant and ensure you’re doing the right thing.

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Accurately Track Time to Reduce Labor Costs

Manage Labor Costs

Do you manually enter employee data between your payroll and time & attendance solutions? With Paycor, our seamless integration eliminates manual entries and potential errors. Plus, new hire data and labor hours upload automatically to payroll.

Reduce Time Theft and Buddy Punching

Biometric time clocks with fingerprint reader requires unique individual user. Modern time clock options include Wi-Fi-connectivity, PIN entry, badge proximity entry, multiple languages badge reader and printer support.

Proactive Alerts and Messaging

When discrepancies arise, users and HR leaders receive proactive alerts and messages for course correction. This will help you avoid costly compliance issues and prevent incorrect time cards.

Mobile Punching

Empower your employees to punch-in via their phones or laptops. With Mobile Punching, administrators can set precise location maps to ensure employees are punching in or near desired work locations.

Overtime Dashboard

Does your organization accurately track overtime expenses? Paycor’s Overtime Dashboard can breakdown your spend by department, manager, location and more. It can also predict your expected spend throughout the year.

Wage and Hour Compliance

Need help maintaining Wage & Hour compliance? With Paycor, you can track every hour worked by every employee so you can protect yourself from the Department of Labor and employment lawsuits.

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Flexible Employee Scheduling

Simplify Shift Swapping

Give employees the ability to drop, pick up or request shift changes, all while on the go. With intuitive drag and drop functionality, you can schedule shifts and publish time sheets quickly and confidently.

SMS, Email and Push Notifications

Need to keep employees up-to-date with the latest schedule? Leverage automated SMS, email and push notifications when a schedule change occurs.

Prevent Scheduling Conflicts

Paycor helps you eliminate scheduling errors before they happen by setting and viewing employee availability.

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A Best-in-Class Implementation Experience

Paycor’s best-in-class implementation experience is unique because we invest in each customer’s success by creating a standardized process to simplify and streamline implementation. With standardized data configuration, access to self-paced training options and our change management toolkit, customers drive the implementation process to meet their needs and ensure a smooth transition.

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Solutions as You Grow

Hiring more people is a great sign of a healthy, growing company. But as you expand, business challenges (like retaining talent and maintaining compliance) start to creep in. Our suite of HR solutions is built to grow with you. So, whether you’re looking for HR software or Onboarding technology, Paycor can support you and your employees as you grow.

Paycor Onboarding

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Our HCM solutions support more than 2 million people across all 50 states. Quickly and easily engage employees and drive efficiencies with Paycor’s intuitive HR, Benefits and Onboarding software.

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Paycor is committed to giving business leaders the technology and expertise they need to solve problems and achieve their goals. When customers reach out, we deliver responsive, personalized care. We use a skills-matching method so that customers always get connected to exactly the right person who can handle their inquiry, big or small.

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Thought Leadership

With the right tools and support, we believe there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Whatever your HR challenges are, we’ll help you solve them with technology that works for your particular situation. We’ll also keep you up-to-date with thought leadership on tax compliance trends and best practices.

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