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Case Study: Red Bluff Pet Resort
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Red Bluff Pet Resort

Red Bluff Pet Resort fully automates employee scheduling with Paycor


Personal Services

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Scheduling Pro

“Our staff loves using Scheduling Pro. They can set notifications, pick up open shifts and even trade shifts. I’m no longer the middle man.”

Shanna Beames, Manager, Red Bluff Pet Resort
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Prior to Paycor

Red Bluff Pet Resort offers a suite of pet care services for dogs, cats and small animals including boarding, full-service grooming, individual daycare and group play. With four different areas to cover within the facility, efficient scheduling is essential to maintain a high level of care for the animals. Before Paycor, manager Shanna Beames relied on spreadsheets to track open shifts. Without automation, she was forced to closely manage the entire process.


  • Managing employee schedules via Excel
  • Responding to scheduling requests via email
  • Limited visibility for employees
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With Paycor

Self-service allows employees to access schedules from their mobile device, swap shifts and view approvals. Since the Red Bluff staff receives shift notifications when updates are made, Shanna no longer spends time tracking down employees to communicate changes. The budget cap feature offers Shanna more visibility into hours worked and prevent costly overtime expenses. And with all Paycor solutions available in one platform, administrators aren’t forced to juggle multiple platforms.


  • Automated scheduling process
  • Increased employee communication
  • Real-time scheduling notifications

Product Features

  • Automated onboarding process
  • Employee self-service
  • Mobile notifications
  • Budget Planning
  • Detailed tracking and reporting

“With Scheduling Pro, everyone has so much more visibility, and it’s made our entire scheduling process smoother and more efficient.”

Shanna Beames, Manager, Red Bluff Pet Resort

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