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Paycor helps Managed Medical Review Organization Inc. boost morale and engagement with its easy-to-use tools and recognition center.

“We don’t have any paper processes at all. The PTO process in payroll has been completely seamless.”

Robin Bemis, Manager of Business Administration and Human Resources

Prior to Paycor

For years, Managed Medical Review Organization Inc. had trouble configuring the PTO program provided by its previous supplier. This glitch resulted in hours of manual entry every pay period for Robin Bemis, the manager of business administration and HR. Employees also had to deal with the nuisance of missed punches, which moved Robin to search for a new all-in-one solution.

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  • Overwhelming manual work for PTO requests
  • Missed punches and poor employee experience
  • Performance review notes not stored

Partnership with Paycor

After implementing Paycor, the PTO process was completely seamless. Self-service functions within the system made it easy for Robin to change taxes and codes which took less time. Additionally, after the performance review process was streamlined and employees learned to use the recognition center, Robin says the morale shifted. She is now able to pull recognition for quarterly meetings. And, as a department of one, she also enjoys resources from the HR Support Center on topics she’s needs immediate help with.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Streamlined PTO process within payroll
  • Performance review and 1:1 data is captured
  • Quarterly reports help with recognition and morale
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Managed Medical Review Organization Inc. partners with Paycor to streamline PTO within payroll and eliminate hours of manual work.


Prior to Paycor, Robin tracked up to 2-3 hours per week spent on processing PTO requests. Now she spends 15 minutes.

Time Savings

Now that Paycor can fully support the PTO process, including banks for bereavement or unpaid time off, Robin no longer needs to manage calendars in Outlook or with paper processes.

Employee Experience

Missed punches are no longer an issue for employees. The recognition center boosts engagement and self-service functions allow the team to easily reset passwords within the system without calling support. Additionally, the org chart helps the staff interact with each other.

Workflow Improvement

Automated onboarding, payroll, and performance reviews enable Robin to efficiently manage HR functions with peace of mind.

“The HR support center is my saving grace. Being a one-man show can sometimes be very overwhelming. If I’m second-guessing I don’t have a resource but with the HRSC I do.”

Robin Bemis, Manager of Business Administration and Human Resources