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Case Study: YMCA Salina
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YMCA Salina



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Paycor’s automated HR & payroll technology helps the Salina Family YMCA eliminate costly errors and streamline tedious tasks.

“Many of our employees work in multiple departments and locations at different pay rates. So before Paycor, if we had even one simple error in an employee’s timesheet it could take an additional twenty steps to resolve the issue. But with Paycor Time, we can identify errors and resolve discrepancies before they become an issue.”

Angie Lassley, CEO

Prior to Paycor

All HR processes were paper-based. Paychecks had to be printed, signed by executives, stuffed in envelopes and mailed out. Tracking employee time was done through spreadsheets leading to multiple errors. And the lack of an accurate time system led to an increase in employee tardiness. The Salina Family YMCA struggled to stay organized with paper applications and manual onboarding.

Years of manual HR processes combined with the frustration of payroll and time tracking errors finally took its toll on the Salina Family YMCA and led them to seek automated HR and payroll solutions.


  • Manual processes
  • Paper-based onboarding
  • No accurate time tracking solution
  • Errors in payroll and timesheets

Partnership with Paycor

Today, the Salina Family YMCA distributes paychecks through direct deposit—saving staff eight hours of work each pay period. Employees can confirm pay accuracy and access paystubs through Paycor Mobile. And with Paycor’s best-in-class time tracking solution, business leaders can easily track employee hours and correct discrepancies on the fly—eliminating errors across all departments. With Paycor Recruiting, the Salina YMCA can quickly find and hire qualified talent instead of combing through stacks of applications, and new hires can complete all paperwork prior to their first day with Paycor Onboarding.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automated recruiting, onboarding and time tracking
  • Employee self-service
  • Streamlined open enrollment process
  • Direct deposit

Tedious Manual Processes

Prior to Paycor, the Salina Family YMCA’s onboarding process required multiple signatures across a packet of paper documents.

Paycor Payroll

Business leaders can preview paychecks and make changes directly in Paycor’s paygrid. The result: substantial time savings, reduction in errors and a better user experience for administrators.

Paycor Time

Paycor’s Time dashboard offers a single location for managers to view and approve timecards. And because hours worked are directly imported into the paygrid, business leaders can ensure the accuracy of employee hours and paychecks.

YMCA Partnership

Paycor provides the technology and expertise that YMCA’s need to focus on what matters most—their members.

10,500 YMCA Employees Paid

54 YMCA Member Groups

Time Savings

By automating the payroll process, HR saves eight hours each pay period.

Salina YMCA partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

“Because we had no simple way of allowing employees to shift-swap, our business leaders were required to carry the extra load when employees no-showed or didn’t communicate well with other employees. With Paycor, our employees can easily request time off, swap shifts and pick up extra time at their convenience.”

Angie Lassley, CEO

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