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Over the years, Paycor has conducted hundreds of user groups, one-on-one interviews, and group discussions with HR leaders. One thing we discovered is that HR teams spend nearly 70% of their time on inefficient administrative tasks, some of which are still paper-based. To make a difference in your organization, your team needs to simplify and streamline HR, benefits administration and ACA compliance so you can focus on what you do best.

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Expect More from Your HCM Software

Modern HR & Human Capital Management
Streamline employee data to make things easy, efficient and trackable for everyone in your organization.

Automate Benefits Enrollment
Empower your employees with access and knowledge about their benefits including healthcare and 401k while cutting down on admin efforts, all at the same time.

Manage Compliance
Manage forms and avoid penalties more simply than ever before.

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Manage Human Resources

Engage Your People
Provide smart ways for your employees to update their own information, track goals, provide peer-to-peer feedback and interact with managers.

Dive Deeper into Your People Data
By connecting with Workforce Insights, you can instantly identify trends or disparities in turnover, pay equity, headcount and benefits with just a few clicks.

Simplify Compliance
Share, sign and store all company documents on a unified platform. Company handbooks to form I-9—manage all your employee data online.

360-Degree Performance Reviews
Improve your organization's performance management with 360-degree reviews.

Automated Org Charts
Make a company org chart and directory accessible for all employees. Paycor’s HR software makes automatic updates, so your org chart refreshes every time a new manager joins your business or leaves.

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Automate Employee Benefits

Simplify Open Enrollment
Add plan details online so your employees make their open enrollment selections quickly and easily. Paycor Mobile allows employees to enroll in benefits from anywhere on their mobile devices.

Unified Benefits
Information is centralized so you can eliminate the need to re-key information or search multiple places for details. Employees use their usual username and password for easy access.

Educate Your Employees
Help your employees understand their 401K and healthcare benefits through Ask Emma or Perform Learning Management.

Benefits Analytics
See real-time analytics on enrollments, healthcare plan choices and more, so you can maximize the value of your benefits programs.

Access Benefits Anytime
Solve urgent benefits questions before they come up. Paycor Mobile allows your employees to take all their benefits info with them. Mobile houses all their benefit enrollment choices, so they can access answers in seconds.

Connect to Carriers
Directly transmit data between the benefits platform to your insurance providers through Paycor's Carrier Connect.

Build competitive benefits packages with our free guide.

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Manage ACA Compliance

IRS Filing
Paycor helps you generate and file required forms like 1094-C and 1095-C.

Proactive Penalty Alerts
Get proactive alerts for potential penalties you may be facing based on your coverage.

Generate Employee Forms
We help prepare and print the 1095-C forms your employees need. You choose if we ship them to you or directly to your employees.

Dashboards and Interactive Charts
Utilize interactive dashboards on important trends, like eligibility, within your organization.

Watch our video for more information on how Paycor can help you stay ACA compliant.

ACA Connect

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Employee Benefits Software Can Simplify Open Enrollment

If your company’s benefits enrollment period stresses you out, you’re not alone. More than likely your employees are mystified and uneasy about the process too. Whether they’re confused about the selections, don’t understand what exactly is being offered or would rather have alternative choices, Paycor’s benefits management software helps eliminate the mayhem.

Options are a Benefits Package Necessity
There’s no escaping the fact that people like options when it comes to a benefits plan. Depending on what stage of life you’re in, priorities will differ.

Would your employees rather have unlimited PTO or a complete wellness program? Are they nearing retirement and have a keen interest in maximizing their 401k? Do they have a need for childcare and a pre-tax FSA account? Offering a variety of benefits plans is a key factor to attract a multigenerational workforce.

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Advantages of Paycor’s Benefits Administration Software

Manually keeping track of all the different options for everyone in your company is a tedious task. Instead, benefits administration software can simplify the process.

  • Streamline open enrollment by centralizing information (go paperless!), educating employees and eliminating repetitive data entry.
  • Paycor’s benefits administration solution provides you with reporting and analytics, so you can make an informed decision on what benefits your employees truly desire.
  • Compare coverage costs from year to year and see what benefit options are trending at your company.

Employee benefits software is a more efficient way to input and monitor your employees’ preferences when it comes to selecting benefits plans. Without the time-intensive burden of entering data multiple times and double-checking for compliance issues (the software does it for you!), you’ll be able to focus on other priorities such as educating employees on their options.

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We help keep your business compliant with proper documentation and proactive alerts.

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Paycor brings ongoing, proactive expertise to every aspect of the client experience, starting with our consultative sales approach through implementation. We offer a dedicated team support model, in which a group of experts understand your unique business and industry.

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Thought Leadership

With the right tools and expertise, we believe there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Whatever your HR and benefits challenges are, we’ll help you solve them with technology that works for your business. We’ll also keep you up to date with thought leadership on HR and benefits trends and best practices.

Our human resources and benefits administration software has earned the trust of over 40,000 organizations.

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