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Paycor Case Study: Kansas City Zoo
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Product Case Study: Benefits Advisor and HR

Paycor’s HR and Benefits Advisor Allows the Kansas City Zoo to Streamline Open Enrollment.


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HR and Benefits Advisor

“My favorite thing about Benefits Advisor is the employee self-service—giving them the responsibility. It’s really easy to see what people are enrolled in at a glance and it has a clean look to it, which I like.”

Janna Stewart, HR manager, Kansas City Zoo


For years, the Kansas City Zoo used a manual paper- based method to onboard new employees, conduct performance reviews and during open enrollment. It was time consuming and required physical space to store all employee data and files.


  • Manual open enrollment & performance reviews
  • Required multiple data entry points



  • Automated workflows
  • Modern performance management
  • Drives efficiency with actionable insights


Benefits Advisor allows employees and new hires to select benefits online, which reduces overall administrative tasks and saves Janna several hours a week. Employees are empowered to complete performance reviews, update personal and professional goals and adjust their profiles for major life events (that will trigger workflows through other solutions and even to carriers). The platform flexibility

helps drive efficiencies and offers a better employee experience.

Manage all aspects of the employee experience with modern, intuitive people management.

With a robust collection of existing EDI connections, Benefits Advisor can quickly and accurately deliver enrollment and change data to virtually all major insurance carriers.

“Benefits Advisor is intuitive, it’s not difficult or confusing. It’s easier for employees to see what benefits they have—I don’t get a lot of questions about using it.”

Janna Stewart, HR manager, Kansas City Zoo

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