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minimum wage worker

Minimum Wage by State and 2018 Increases

For many medium-to-small sized organizations, managing the myriad of federal compliance regulations is a top challenge. In fact, a recent Paycor...
Why HR Shouldn't Fear Automation

Why HR Shouldn't Fear Automation

As experts weigh in on emerging HR trends set to impact the industry over the next five to ten years, you’ll find predictions about artificial...
2018 Mileage Rate Updates

2018 Mileage Rate Updates

The IRS has announced that the business standard mileage rate fortransportation expenses paid or incurred beginning January 1, 2018, willbe 54.5...
10 Ways to Retain Top Talent

10 Ways to Retain Top Talent

With historically low unemployment rates, it’s becoming more difficult to find good talent, so it’s important that human resources teams and...
policies to prevent employee lawsuits

Policies to Prevent Employee Lawsuits

Stay One Step Ahead With This Checklist Human resources leaders we’ve interviewed and surveyed about the current state of HR and human capital...
hr compliance software

How HR Compliance Software Can Help Your Business

As an HR professional, you’re expected to understand compliance and take steps to help ensure your company is protected from risk. With laws and...

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