Little Caesar’s Partnership

Paycor provides the HR technology and expertise Little Caesar’s needs to focus on what matters most, serving their customers.

Our dedicated sales and support team have decades-worth of experience supporting the unique needs of Little Caesar’s franchises. Try out our Solution Finder today to understand how software can help accomplish your goals.

Little Caesar’s Partnership

POS Integration

Juggling multiple systems to manage payroll, hours worked and new hire information can significantly impact your ability to focus on serving your customers and operating your franchise. Improve your operational workflows by integrating Caesar Vision seamlessly into Paycor’s Perform Payroll so you can easily manage employee data and payroll details in one solution.

Recruiting and Onboarding

With unemployment at an all-time low, restaurants are struggling to attract talent and retain their workforce. Paycor can help you find quality candidates, reward employee referrals, identify turnover trends and help solve HR issues with top-notch recruiting and onboarding solutions. Our solution can save owners and managers time, increase efficiency and eliminate errors resulting from duplicate entry.

Dedicated Support

From expert sales consultants to a dedicated implementation and client success team, our associates combine years of experience serving Wendy’s franchises and understanding how our technology can help them accomplish their goals and serve their unique needs

Paycor Knows Little Caesar’s Franchises

Little Caesar’s Partnership
Little Caesar’s Partnership
Little Caesar’s Partnership

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“Paycor takes all of my business challenges and solves them as if they were their own. I’m happy to call Paycor a partner.”
– Bill, Little Caesar’s Franchise Owner