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Employee Onboarding Software for Busy Teams

Paycor found that 58% of employees are likely to stay at a company for 3 years or more if they have a great onboarding experience. Paycor Onboarding software helps make the process more engaging and meaningful. You’ll also see a significant reduction in manual administrative processes, saving you time so you can focus on more important things, like actually spending time with your new team member!

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Onboarding Solutions That Deliver Results

Paycor Onboarding solution streamlines and optimizes every aspect of new hire onboarding. Our solution not only significantly reduces administrative work for recruiters, it also makes the onboarding process more productive, because first impressions matter.

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Onboarding Features

Create a Great First Impression
Make it easy for new hires to learn about your organization through our engaging, online platform.

Reduce Hiring Administration
Focus more on first impressions and less on administration. Our Onboarding software will eliminate hours of manual work each time you hire a new employee.

Complete Compliance Documentation
New hires can fill out compliance forms, such as an I-9 and W-4, online. When they’re done, your administrator is notified instantly. Our Onboarding tool has more than 140 government compliance forms built-in that automatically update as regulations change.

View and Sign Company Documents
Have policies and handbooks that need to be signed? New hires can view important company documents and sign them before their first day.

Tax Credit Integration
Never miss opportunities to receive Work Opportunity Tax Credits when you hire. Each credit can mean a $9,600 savings to your business.

Onboard from Anywhere
Give new hires a mobile-optimized experience where they can fill out information and acknowledge documents anywhere, anytime. Easy self-service functionality enables new hires to pick up tasks where they left off so they can complete the process in stages.

View more information on our Onboarding Solution.

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Paycor’s Recruiting and Onboarding Works Together

No need to worry about multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. Paycor’s Recruiting and Onboarding solutions work together to ensure your talent acquisition process feels seamless (to both new employees, managers and administrators). Our integration ensures compliance and workflows to avoid redundant administrative work. That way, you can review and approve information quickly to ensure a smoother onboarding process and stronger new hire experience.

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Increase Retention with HR Onboarding Software

If your idea of onboarding new employees is a one-hour orientation class and pointing out the location of the vending machines, you might want to consider an onboarding platform. Employee engagement from day one is critical to the overall employee experience. As an HR professional, it’s up to you to make new hires feel comfortable and welcome in their new workplace environment.

On average, it can cost a business $20,000 to replace a single associate. That’s a lot to spend on something that could possibly have been prevented. Paycor’s HR onboarding solution eliminates potential disengagement and reduces your turnover numbers.

  • Streamline the onboarding experience by reducing inefficiencies, offering flexibility and increasing usability.
  • Introduce company policies, the employee handbook, dress code and any relevant industry regulations.
  • Automated onboarding helps lessen any compliance issues that may arise while new associates are completing paperwork.
  • Ensure documentation completion.
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Introduce New Team Members to Company Culture

Introducing new hires to your company culture without overwhelming them could be a tricky road to navigate. Paycor’s HR onboarding software allows you to engage with your new associates before they even step foot in the door.

  • Give new hires an opportunity to complete paperwork at their leisure and desired location.
  • Make sure your organization’s mission, values and vision are clear from the beginning.
  • Encourage mentoring and feedback.
A seamless onboarding solution is just a part of an overall HCM platform. Incorporating aspects such as an applicant tracking system, recruiting, benefits and payroll help human resources work more efficiently and accurately.

As you examine your current human capital management resources, take notice of any issues or concerns you may have and consider how Paycor can help make onboarding new employees more integrated and useful.

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