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Precision Measurements
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Workforce Management

Precision Measurements Case Study


A desire to eliminate manual administrative tasks and automate the payroll process led Precision Measurements to Paycor.

“The number of hours I had to spend on payroll-related items made my life completely crazy. Before, I had to manually enter the employee information into our system and had all these tabs open all the time. Now I don’t. It’s just wonderful.” “Paycor’s customer community—The CORner—is a very valuable tool! I can network with other HR leaders, find solutions to industry challenges, learn more about my Paycor solutions and access thought leadership content that helps me continue to grow in my career.”

Lynda Meyer, CFO, Precision Measurements

Prior to Paycor

Precision Measurements, a land-surveying company based in Virginia Beach, used to manage payroll in-house but came to realize that wasn’t the most efficient use of time. After calculating the time spent on all the manual tasks required for every pay period, end of quarter and at year’s end—not to mention if someone made an error along the way—they knew they needed a better solution for payroll and new hires in general. 

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  • Lengthy manual payroll process
  • Lack of employee self service
  • Inconsistent recruiting practices
  • Manual data input prone to errors

Partnership with Paycor

Paycor’s unlimited, automated workflows simplified the way Precision Measurements managed recruiting, onboarding and payroll. Lynda and her team of managers can easily create, assign, share and store digital forms, job descriptions and documents all in one place. Intuitive and easy-to-use payroll software makes inaccuracies easy to catch, helps keep you compliant and makes the entire payroll process as effortless as possible.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Seamless, streamlined payroll
  • On-demand learning modules for products
  • Automated and integrated onboarding
  • Consistent communication and complete customer support
  • Recruiting tools that empower managers
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Precision Measurements partners with Paycor to pay their workforce accurately and on time.

In Lynda Meyer’s own words…


“Implementation was fabulous. At first, I thought it was a lot of training, but quickly realized they were very thorough, and I liked that we got to listen and watch and play in the test environment at the same time. My implementation specialist walked me through payroll for the first two weeks and set it up based on my feedback to meet my requirements.”


“Paycor’s Recruiting solution is amazing. It doesn’t allow my managers to mess it up. As the admin, I set the rules, but they have the freedom to conduct the interviews and enter the feedback for all stakeholders to see. The process keeps everyone aligned and accountable. It empowers our managers to hire their own staff now and has cut approval time down from a week to 10 minutes. It’s gold.”


“Paycor Onboarding is so integrated and easy to use—just a couple of clicks and you’re done! Our new hires don’t have to download, save and re-upload documents, rather they can finish their onboarding paperwork in one quick session. I love that it automatically flows all the employee information to payroll. Before that was a manual process taking 1-2 days and now it’s done in less than two hours.


“The entire document management process is seamless and automated. I don’t have to print a single paper or do anything manually. Our new hires get their benefits started on time and deductions are automatically included. That’s a load off your brain right there.”