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Free Payroll for 2020

All clients start with an online payroll platform to ensure accurate processing. Payroll also includes:

  • Deeper Analytics with Benchmarking
  • Garnishment Support
  • PTO Tracking & Management
  • Integrations with 401(k) Providers
  • Robust Report Builder
  • HR Policy Templates, Checklists and Guides
  • Mobile App for Employees and Managers
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    Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are a payroll or HR admin and your organization partners with Paycor for HR management and payroll processing, these frequently asked questions are for you.

    If your question is not answered below and you are a Paycor Administrator, you can contact Paycor Support by calling us at 855-565-3285 Monday through Friday, between 8am and 8pm EST for Payroll and 8am and 6pm EST for all other products or emailing support@paycor.com.

    You can also explore our Knowledge Base of useful help articles by logging into Paycor, clicking "Get Help" and then the "Knowledge Base" option or request service by logging into Paycor, clicking "Get Help" and then the "Contact Us" option.