Time & Attendance Clock Software

Intuitive time clock software and labor management system that includes employee self service, scheduling as well as robust reporting. Paycor’s Perform Time ensures accurate timekeeping while reducing manual administrative processes.

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Time Clock Software: Flexible Timekeeping Meets True Payroll Integration

Perform Time is built to eliminate the hassle of manually tracking employee hours. No more collecting hours by hand or guessing when an employee came to work. Our application improves efficiency while ensuring you’re accurately paying your employees.

  • Feature-rich and easy to navigate Paycor’s Time and Attendance application provides you with cost-effective labor management.
  • Payroll integration Employee information and hours worked are seamlessly shared, eliminating wasted time and potential mistakes.
  • Time clock data All time clock data is displayed in intuitive dashboards that make it easy for you and your supervisors to quickly drill down to employee’s missing punches.
  • Time input Choose the method that fits your needs via badge terminals, telephone, biometric readers or PC input.

Online Time Clock Software at your Fingertips

  • Instant online access Supervisors can securely edit an employeeʼs schedule directly on the time card, from anywhere.
  • Exceptions handling Exceptions are automatically displayed on the dashboard eliminating the need to search for them.
  • Reports View a wide range of standard reports or generate custom reports within Paycor's time clock software.
  • Configurable Rules Specify your own overtime, rounding, lunch and holiday rules.
  • Labor distribution Manage labor distribution by allocating time to different departments.
  • Prevent time theft. Try our calculator to find out how much you're overpaying your employees.