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Build Trust and Action Plans Based on Employee Sentiment

Paycor Pulse empowers leaders to go beyond the average employee engagement survey. With Pulse, you can regularly gauge what employees are thinking and feeling, so you always have “your finger on the pulse” of your organization. Pulse surveys give leaders an accurate way to gather and convert employee feedback into real insights so that you can get ahead of potential  problems like turnover and low morale.

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Go Beyond Average Employee Engagement

Commitment to the Employee Experience
Occasional employee satisfaction surveys are lagging indicators of persistent concerns. Paycor Pulse lets managers regularly gauge what employees are feeling at any given moment. It’s the only way to gather current signals from your workforce.

Nurture Employee Engagement
When leaders get the insights they need, they can significantly improve the employee experience, organically and sustainably.

Change Perception. Change Reality.
What an employee perceives, based on what they hear, see, feel and think, is usually what they believe. As a leader, you can’t always control what happens, but you can help shape and guide the way your team members process their experiences.

Key Features

  • Pulse, Engagement & Benefits Templates
  • Personalize Email Messages
  • Scheduled Surveys
  • Survey Reminders
  • Confidential/Non-Confidential Responses
  • Employee Identity Safeguards
  • Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Survey

How (and Why) to Create an Employee Engagement Survey

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Comprehensive HR Strategy

Trust in Leadership
Employers are shifting to a more agile approach to people management. More than ever, it’s important to develop high-trust leaders so your employees can pivot when necessary. And that all comes down to the confidence they have in their leaders.

Drive Business Performance
Bringing the focus of HR back to the people within the business can make a tremendous impact on performance. Paycor Pulse gives you the data and analysis you need to build and maintain that high-trust culture.

Worker Wellbeing
What’s the ideal work life balance? With Pulse, you can collect employee signals and sentiment on various benefit options so you know what offerings will be most impactful.

Improve Employee Engagement Surveys

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Cultivate Leaders Who Listen

Support Increased Diversity
As your workforce grows in diversity, it’s the duty of the leadership team to understand what employees are experiencing and how the overall work environment can improve to be more supportive and welcoming.

Generate Incentivized Advocacy
HR wants to promote a positive employee experience and help individuals reach their career goals. Listening adds value to a workplace, and employees who are heard and thoughtfully guided in their career become advocates for the company.

Promote Accountability
In order to move the needle on employee satisfaction, an organization must become self-aware and understand its own DNA. Leaders who listen can have the conversations necessary to infuse accountability into the culture, causing an increase in commitment to work and employee morale.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Survey Tools and Technology
Natural Language Processing (NLP) uncovers valuable insights including large variances and concerning outliers to quickly turn raw data into action planning and more informed decisions.

Create a Connection
Truly listening to your employees is the not-so-secret sauce to retaining your best talent—particularly for Millennials, now the largest generation in the workforce. Leaders with a window into exactly what employees are experiencing can establish fairness and an overall inclusive work environment.

Feel Empowered and Valued
Investing in employee Pulses strengthens the feedback loop between leaders and associates. When employees trust that every decision the leadership team makes is grounded in reality and with their feedback in mind, they feel valued and heard.

Key Features

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Sentiment & Expression Dashboard
  • Favorability Dashboard
  • Analysis Summary & Download/Share

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