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Room Ready Case Study
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Talent Development

Room Ready Case Study

Industry Professional Services
145 employees
Solutions: paycor paths, paycor pulse, cor leadership dashboard

Leading AV Integrator Improves Manager Development and Engagement with Paycor

“Paycor has been instrumental in helping us improve manager development and employee engagement. The data and insights provided by Paycor have allowed us to make meaningful changes and support our managers.”

Sarah Nix, HR Director

Prior to Paycor

Room Ready, an AV integrator with 145 employees spread across the United States, faced challenges in keeping their remote workforce engaged and developing their managers’ leadership skills. With a growing company and a younger workforce, they needed a solution to assess employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

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  • Remote employee engagement
  • Manager leadership development
  • Employee satisfaction assessments
  • Improving manager communication

Partnership with Paycor

Room Ready used Paycor Pulse Surveys to gather valuable employee feedback, including work environment and manager insights. The COR Insights Dashboard captured survey results, enabling Room Ready to assess manager performance, identify opportunity areas, and develop skillsets. Additionally, Paycor Paths provided action-based leadership development opportunities for frontline managers, enabling them to practice role-based skills.

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Solutions & Key Features

  • Paycor Pulse Surveys for feedback
  • COR Insights Dashboard to ID growth areas
  • Paycor Paths for leadership development