Posted on January 14, 2013

8 Shocking Facts about Hiring & Employment Screening

When attorney and employment screening expert Les Rosen, author of “The Safe Hiring Manual” and founder of Employment Screening Resources, joined us to present a webinar on best hiring practices, we had no idea the number of surprising facts he would reveal. From fake diplomas to discrimination lawsuits, there are many pitfalls employers should be vigilant of when hiring. Check out the shocking list of facts below.

# 40% of resumes contain material lies or omissions about past jobs, education or qualifications.
# Scientific evidence shows that if a person is dishonest in getting the job, they are likely to be dishonest while on the job.
# The turnover cost for one bad employee can be as much as 2-3 times their salary.
# There is no national database available for private employers to check criminal records or false credentials.
# The EEOC now forbids employers from automatically disqualifying an applicant who has a criminal record—you have to prove you have a “business justification.”
# Using social media to screen your applicants may be tempting, but it could potentially lead to discrimination allegations.
# For a fee, applicants can go to sites such as and purchase a career history, complete with employer references and a fake company website.
# All you need to get a diploma these days is a printer and a credit card: “diploma mills” make fake diplomas available for purchase—and LinkedIn is full of people who attended these phony universities!

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Click to listen to a full recording of the webinar.