A Reliable Resource to Solve Your HR Problems

A Reliable Resource to Solve Your HR Problems

By Jason Lauritsen

I’m excited to start a new venture and wanted to share it with you. I’m now a contributor to Paycor’s HR Center of Excellence. Based on new research into today’s HR challenges and informed by their decades of experience, Paycor is constructing a resource for people searching for quality, reliable guidance for how to execute top-notch HR.

Paycor has created a dedicated resource, specifically tailored to the needs and questions of HR professionals serving small and medium-sized organizations. It will be your first stop for smart, practical answers to your most important HR questions. You’ll find content and resources here to help you learn, understand, and take action to build an HR function that creates value and propels your organization forward.

Why did I choose to contribute? Well, let me give you a little background.

In 2003, I accepted a job as a Director of Employment for a call center company with 800 employees. Although I had been working in recruiting for a number of years, this was my first job in corporate HR. Despite that, I was confident in both my knowledge and ability to do a great job.

I quickly discovered that joining the corporate HR ranks didn’t just mean working in a bigger office building with more coworkers. It meant that my skill at finding and recruiting talented prospects wasn’t enough – there was so much more I needed to learn.

Corporate HR requires knowledge of process, legality, and compliance issues. And then there’s technology. To deliver great HR today is only possible through the smart use of well-designed HR technology tools.

It felt like I was constantly confronted with questions and issues that were entirely new to me. To make matters worse, about half the time, I didn’t even know where to turn to find the answers. Any time I found a reliable source that helped me understand things in a clear and actionable way, I got excited.

In short, back in 2003, I could have used Paycor’s HR Center of Excellence.

In the upcoming months, I will be sharing content here to help you create a more engaging employee experience. We’ll address everything from employee engagement surveys to performance management processes, all with an eye toward how to create a work experience that’s good for both people and profits.

About the Author

Jason Lauritsen is a keynote speaker and employee engagement expert who has dedicated his career to helping leaders and employees create a more fulfilling work experience. For nearly a decade, he spent his days as a corporate Human Resources executive where he developed a reputation for driving business results through talent. Most recently, he led the research team for Quantum Workplace’s Best Places to Work program where he has studied the employee experience at thousands of companies to understand what the best workplaces in the world do differently than the rest.

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