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5 Questions to Ask Before Implementing a New Payroll and HR System
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Before Implementing a New Payroll and HR System, Ask 5 Questions

Many business leaders feel stuck with subpar HCM technology because they’re terrified of the implementation process. If you’re one of them, get over your fear by asking tough questions. Implementation doesn’t have to be hard or risky, IF you can find an HCM provider who can answer these 5 questions.

  1. Will we have a dedicated team of implementation specialists?
    You’ll want to make sure you have one or more implementation specialists dedicated to your account. The number may vary depending on your specific business needs, but the implementation specialist is there to answer your questions, guide you through the process and ensure the transition goes smoothly. If you’re implementing multiple products such as payroll, HR, benefits and a learning management system, ask if there will be an expert for each product involved to provide training on the new solutions.
  2. How long will implementation take?
    This answer is completely dependent on your organization’s needs and how many products you’re implementing. The more “complex” the implementation (such as multiple locations, pay structures, FEINs, etc.) the longer the process will take in order to ensure accuracy. Your provider should offer a detailed timeline and communicate expectations during the process to keep the implementation on track.
  3. Will the implementation team help me set requirements?
    A great implementation team will help you determine your new system’s configuration requirements as well as a timeline. Your team should also define what a successful implementation looks like with measurable, achievable metrics. The desired outcome can serve as solid documentation for your expectations and theirs as well as something you can refer back to if questions arise.
  4. How can I check the status of my implementation?
    Keeping up with your implementation is crucial to success. You should receive constant status updates as to where your organization is in the process and what’s scheduled as the next steps. Nothing should be a surprise. Collaboration and partnership are key, so be sure to ask your provider how they track progress and update you on important milestones.
  5. Will there be a final review before we go live?
    Your provider should offer to review the outcomes of all deliverables outlined in your project success plan before your account becomes operational. This can help catch any last-minute errors before your process your first payroll or before employees begin using the new HR system.

Research shows that 70% of implementations fail because they aren’t tailored to a business’s specific needs. While other providers take employee data, add it to the system and fix any problems later, Paycor focuses on accuracy, efficiency and understanding your specific needs. Throughout the implementation process, our team works behind the scenes to configure your database while you receive targeted training to help you get the most out of your Paycor solutions.