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Hospitality Workforce Scheduling Software
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Hospitality Workforce Scheduling Software

Paycor Scheduling software is designed to make it easy for hotels to get the right staff in the right place at the right time, so that managers can focus on what matters most—your customers.

Why choose Paycor for your hotel business?

The hospitality industry faces scheduling challenges: flexible shifts, high staff turnover and the pressure of having to constantly provide high levels of customer service. Paycor Scheduling software for hotel staff has been proven to reduce the amount of time scheduling, prevent shift conflicts and reduce absenteeism.

How can our hospitality staff scheduling software help your business?

  • Provides a clear overview of employee availability
  • Ensures optimal shift coverage
  • Manage multiple locations from one platform
  • On-the-go scheduling through our mobile apps
  • Increases revenue by reducing administrative costs

What Paycor Scheduling brings to your company

Scheduling: The ultimate scheduling software for hospitality

Add or remove employees easily, without having to create a new schedule. Always maintain a clear overview of your employees’ schedules and availability. Paycor’s Scheduling software for hotel staff is flexible and created to help you better organize your workforce from any location, no matter how many locations you manage. Learn more about scheduling.

Easy Shift Swapping: Avoid unexpected staff shortages

Paycor makes it simple for staff to trade shifts, request cover, and pick up open shifts, as well as request paid time off, all from our easy-to-use smartphone app. All managers need to do is approve, saving valuable time and avoiding last-minute scrambles for cover.

Paycor Mobile: Manage Your Team On-the-Go

Our smartphone app is designed for managers, as well as employees. Manage schedules for your hotel staff from the palm of your hand: create or edit shifts, accept or decline requests, and view daily coverage. No need to be stuck in the office.

Benefits of Paycor Scheduling

Paycor helps companies of all sizes in the hospitality industry be more productive.

  • Provides clear overview of employee availability
  • Eliminates shift conflicts
  • Saves time responding to employee requests
  • Minimizes phone calls since everything can be done online
  • Provides easy access to schedules for all staff through phone or desktop

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