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How Paycor's Scheduling App Empowers Your Restaurant Staff
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How Paycor’s Restaurant Scheduling App Can Help Your Business

One Minute Takeaway

  • Paycor’s restaurant scheduling software facilitates efficient staff scheduling, enabling managers to create and share schedules quickly and conveniently.
  • The app provides features for employees to pick up open shifts, swap shifts, and managers to create schedules from mobile devices.
  • Customizable to meet the needs of individual businesses, the app can help schedule staff across multiple locations, applying weekly templates, creating repeating shifts, or automatically selecting staff for open shifts.

Running a restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart. 60% of restaurants (and in some regions, 90%) fail within their first year (University of California, Berkeley). Even when everything works, industry profit margins are typically stuck in the low single digits (National Restaurant Association).You need skill to run a restaurant and be successful. Among these skills are being a people person, having creativity and financial know-how, and being a good leader. Industry turnover is high, and a lot of that has to do with lack of flexibility (or lack of proper tools) for scheduling.

The Most Effective Restaurant Scheduling Tool

Paycor’s restaurant scheduling software makes it easy to ensure you always have your key people where you need then, when you need them. Create efficient schedules faster than ever, inform employees immediately, and empower staff to collaborate and swap shifts to solve scheduling issues.

Everything in One Place: How can Paycor Scheduling help your restaurant?

Effective staff scheduling is vital for any restaurant business to succeed. Managers have enough on their plates, even without keeping track of employee availability and trying to please everyone—waitstaff, chefs, hosts and bartenders—with perfect schedules. Paycor Scheduling helps managers save time and money, by creating efficient restaurant employee schedules quicker than ever.

Paycor's Scheduling App Available on Computers and Phones
Paycor’s Scheduling App Available on Computers and Phones

How can Paycor’s restaurant schedule app help your business?

  • Empower employees and increase efficiency with ability to pick up open shifts and swap shifts
  • Allow restaurant managers to create schedules on-the-go using their mobile device
  • Send automated SMS and push notifications to update your staff about shift changes
  • Improve the communication flow between you and your staff
  • Schedule your restaurant staff far in advance
  • Avoid schedule conflicts and ensure proper shift coverage

Scheduling: Optimize your restaurant scheduling

Paycor’s restaurant scheduling app is customizable, enabling you to tailor it to the needs of your business. The intuitive system helps you easily schedule all your staff, across unlimited locations. Save time by applying weekly templates, creating repeating shifts, or allowing the system to automatically select staff for open shifts based on rank, experience, or availability. Click publish, and instantly notify staff.

View by day, week or month, and sort the restaurant schedule based on employees, departments or job positions. You can also easily view employee availability and in case you accidentally schedule them twice, you receive a notification.

Easy Shift Swapping

When an employee is unavailable for a shift, they can use the Paycor Scheduling app to drop that shift, seek cover, or search for a shift swap. Other team members can pick up the shift, offer cover, or accept the trade. All managers have to do is approve, saving time and ensuring your restaurant is never left short-staffed.

Facilitate Communication

In such a fast-paced environment, effective communication is crucial. Through our restaurant scheduling app, you can share files and documents as well as send messages to all staff members, or even create groups for specialized personnel. This functionality lets you to share information in real time with every team member. Your staff will have quick access to any information they need, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts. And Paycor’s restaurant schedule app is customizable, which means you can always choose to assign access levels to certain employees.

Paycor Mobile App

Paycor’s easy-to-use smartphone apps make life easier for everyone. Managers can create schedules, view availability, and respond to requests, from wherever they are. Your staff can receive notifications related to changes in the restaurant schedule or reminders of when their shifts begin through SMS and push notifications.

Paycor's Mobile Scheduling App
Paycor’s Mobile Scheduling App

Benefits of Paycor’s Restaurant Schedule App

Paycor helps businesses and organizations of all sizes to be more productive.

  • Optimize staffing levels
  • Reduce staff tardiness
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Stay in control on-the-go
  • Empower your restaurant staff
  • Stay on track with your staff’s activities
  • Focus on growth and franchising
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