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19:21 Case Study - Loyalty Program
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19:21 Consultants Case Study – Loyalty Program

19:21 Consultants uses Paycor’s loyalty program to help increase revenue and grow their business.

“As an agency owner, to have funds that are earmarked strictly for growth helps you manage your overall marketing budget a little better. It’s nice that Paycor is footing this part of the bill.”

J.J. Weeks, 19:21 Consultants co-owner, New Braunfels, Texas


Paycor’s loyalty program, Inside Track, is optimized to give partners and their clients exclusive benefits that will help drive success. Top partners, like 19:21 Consultants, receive up to $10,000 in marketing development funds to use toward driving revenue and promoting their Paycor partnership. Other benefits include dedicated support, top-notch implementation, and co-marketing materials.

Weeks said MDF helps him compete with bigger firms and spent a portion of his funds on co-branded insulated cups for a campaign that resulted in 51 closed deals. “MDF ups your professionalism. To be able to deliver a care package or gift to clients is really sharp.”


The inevitability of technology in his clients’ lives is a driving factor for Weeks and a launchpad for mentoring them toward solutions that meet their needs. “Like it or not, your clients are going to have a payroll system,” he said. “If you’re not going to provide it, someone else is. You’re saying ‘yes’ to other vendors coming into your conversation. If you want control, you’ve got to have a payroll partner.”


Weeks said one of the biggest benefits for him as a Paycor Platinum partner is the customer support that both he and his clients receive. “A big piece of the puzzle is building a rapport with your payroll vendor,” he said, noting the Paycor phone numbers he keeps on speed dial to call with questions at any time. “It’s important to build that relationship because you start getting more attention and better service.”

“The waived EDI feeds are a big perk for us,” Weeks said. “In today’s market, the more we can increase our margins, the more effective business owner I can be.”