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CallTrackingMetrics Case Study
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Talent Management

CallTrackingMetrics Case Study

professional services industry
70 employees
Payroll solution

CallTrackingMetrics Leveled Up to Paycor to Align with its High-Tech Workforce

With Paycor, everything’s very easy, it’s seamless, and each part talks to the other.”  

Shannon Duvall, Director of People & Culture, CallTrackingMetrics

Prior to Paycor

Millersville, Md.-based CallTrackingMetrics felt its previous payroll and HR provider lacked the technology to match their strategic vision. Previously, the company had no learning management system for its complex service offerings, and performance reviews were created and housed in online spreadsheets. Payroll processing was also complex and took more than two hours for their 70 employees every other week.

working on payroll


  • Disjointed systems
  • Complex payroll processing
  • Spreadsheet-based performance management
  • Lack of learning management system

Partnership with Paycor

Today, even a complicated payroll with commissions and quarterly bonuses only takes about 30 minutes to complete. The company’s employees benefit from Paycor’s self-service, which enables them to clock in, make schedule adjustments, and request PTO without going through HR. And employees and managers have full transparency into performance reviews and company training; they can update and track progress in real time, which is not something they could do previously.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Seamless HR & Payroll
  • Reduced time on payroll
  • Superior employee performance reviews
  • LMS reporting & analytics
working in HR

Needing a more high-tech HCM provider, CallTrackingMetrics looked to Paycor.

Improved Onboarding

Paycor’s Onboarding improves communication across the company. Task lists help keep everyone from managers to IT on track and accountable, eliminating the need for text or email follow ups.

Modern Technology

All employee data is housed in one place, so leaders never have to switch platforms, log into multiple systems, or re-key information.

Mobile App

Paycor’s 360° integrations provide a unified system that reduces friction from the bolt-on modules of their previous provider.

“My client service team is really responsive. If I have questions, I get answers right away. They’re very accessible and always keep me in the loop.” 

– Shannon Duvall, Director of People & Culture