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Case Study: Chive Media Group
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Chive Media Group


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Paycor Analytics

Paycor Analytics Helps Chive Media Group Identify HR Challenges Before They Become Problems

“Paycor Analytics helps my boss and me identify potential issues and course correct before problems arise. But what I really love about Paycor Analytics is that it allows us to make important decisions that are backed by data, giving our associates more transparency and confidence.”

James Perkins, Senior Manager, HR


Without an analytics solution, James spent up to 10 hours each month creating and reviewing reports by hand. He was forced to use spreadsheets to manually track employee turnover, new hire data and other employee information. Between duplicate entries and correcting errors, James couldn’t get out of the weeds of tedious admin and become the strategic HR leader he wanted to be.

HR Pain Points

  • Manual reporting and correcting errors
  • Glitchy, disconnected software
  • Difficulty tracking turnover and retention
  • Unable to provide timely reports to C-suite

With Paycor

After implementing Paycor Analytics, James can automate reports and transform complex data into easy-to-understand dashboards that break down which departments have the highest turnover, diversity, productivity and more. He’s become a go-to expert for his C-suite, providing the reports and answers they need around key HR metrics. And during COVID, he created an employee-lead committee for associates to ask questions that can be answered by data from Paycor Analytics.


  • Automated reporting process
  • Integrated HR solutions
  • Easy-to-understand insights & shareable reports

“Reporting has never been so easy. With Paycor Analytics, we’re able to make critical business decisions and complete reports in hours, not days.”

From analyzing headcount to monitoring turnover, Paycor Analytics can help you discover which factors are causing change, the rate at which employees are leaving and the financial impact of key factors like compensation and absenteeism by location.

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