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Paycor Empowers Maverick Boys & Girls Club to Focus on Their Mission
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HR + Payroll Software

Paycor Empowers Maverick Boys & Girls Club to Focus on Their Mission

Industry: Nonprofit
Employees: 47
Solutions: Payroll, HR, Time

“If people just knew how many hours I was spending on manual processes. Now I can focus on other areas of the business. Paycor has changed my life!”

– Summer McCampbell, Compliance Director

Prior to Paycor

Maverick Boys & Girls Club provides services to at-risk youth at its seven Amarillo, Tex. Locations. Before Paycor, they struggled with outdated, manual processes, using handwritten timesheets and paper forms. Compliance Director, Summer McCampbell, had to manually submit payroll and 401(k) reports, and hiring and terminating was inefficient. The organization needed a more effective, accurate, and streamlined system to handle their payroll and HR needs.


  • Outdated manual processes
  • Inaccurate timekeeping
  • Time-consuming HR tasks
  • Limited budget

Partnership with Paycor

The two main considerations for a new provider were cost and smooth implementation. When weighing those two elements plus looking at customer service reviews, Paycor rose to the top of the list. Maverick experienced a seamless transition to a modern, web-based platform with user-friendly software, an efficient implementation process, and exceptional customer service, allowing them to save time and focus on other important aspects of their mission.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Accurate timekeeping system
  • Easy-to-use HR platform
  • Efficient onboarding process
  • Cost-effective solution

“Having very clearly defined deadlines for each stage of the implementation process helped me know what to prioritize.”

– Summer McCampbell, Compliance Director